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Vật phẩm này sẽ không tương say mê với Devil May Cry 5. Hãy coi trang gợi ý để biết nguyên nhân tại sao vật phẩm này có thể không dùng được vào Devil May Cry 5.

Dante returns in Devil May Cry 5 and most of his original skill set from DMC4 is still intact but with quite a few differences that make him feel like a completely different character. This guide will help you understand what Dante can vì in 5.
Dante returns in Devil May Cry 5 và most of his original skill set from DMC4 is still intact but with quite a few differences that make him feel like a completely different character. 4 Devil Arms, 4 Guns, và 4 Styles. His loadout in DMC5 is large enough lớn make even an experienced player feel lost in the weapon rotations. This guide will go over some of the most important aspects of his weapons và styles while also explaining some of their uses.The chapters written in this guide will have information that will be useful for all levels of play but I still recommend you familiarize yourself with the basics of an action game lượt thích Devil May Cry before diving into this guide. It is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that you follow along this guide while playing, rather than reading this all in one sitting.
If you"re completely new to Devil May Cry, you should first take a look at Chaser
Tech"s video clip series on the basics of the trò chơi which can be found here
The objective of this guide is to lớn teach you the ins and outs of how Dante works in Devil May Cry 5 to improve your understanding of the character and the game by explaining mechanics và providing examples in detail so that you can go on lớn develop your own playstyle. This is NOT
a compilation of tech & it will not explain every single detail imaginable since that"s just not possible or realistic but it will tell you what you should know about Dante & what he"s capable of.
Back in DMC4, it was pretty much a given that playing on console was a far worse option for training because of the lack of a practice mode but in DMC5 they were nice enough to địa chỉ Void Mode. All the techniques listed in this guide will work on any system. I felt that it was more important khổng lồ first cover what is possible on all platforms và then as time goes on, I will địa chỉ sections that cover mods và techniques which are exclusive to lớn the PC version through the use of modifications. Until then, this guide was created specifically so that anyone could read through it and learn the character on any platform.
Lets quickly go over what I feel are some of Dante"s most important changes from DMC4. Weapon Switch speed limitation removed
Style Switch tốc độ limitation removed Dante now has a side flip in the air that is bound to lớn the side roll input Ecstasy is on Air Taunt & not exclusive khổng lồ a weapon Fully customizable loadout order for both Devil Arms và Guns Trickster dash range has been extended Royal Guard has recovery No Height Restriction on nearly all his moves Inertia is mostly gone so Rainstorm now has built in momentum that is fully controllable Aerial Rave"s knockback speed is faster than most if not all attacks Using Air Trick off the ground also uses your Air Trick after a jump The transition between Stinger & Million Stab is much slower Dante now has Ground Trick aka Trick Down Air Hike no longer resets gravity Ebony và Ivory Gunshot startup is cancelable without jump canceling Coyote-A no longer knocks back at a distance but will instead juggle Charged Shots will charge up automatically if you are in Gunslinger Rebellion no longer has Drive
Ebony & Ivory are more than just two pistols capable of rapid fire, they"re also your best friend when it comes to juggling enemies at both close & long range. E&I are quite different in this game when compared lớn 4. They"re overall much stronger and have a couple new features like different firing modes, a fully controllable Rainstorm, automatic Charged Shots, and cancelable startup on regular gunshots.
So what kinds of things vì chưng these pistols allow you to do? Let"s take a look at a sequence with & without E&I khổng lồ see what kind of difference a couple of well placed gunshots can make
Much better
So now you know that gunshots are quick, useful & most importantly look really smooth. Where else are gunshots useful?
In order for Middle Break to hit the Caina before it touches the ground, I have
to lớn fire the gunshot first otherwise this full bộ will not work at all. Final example with Faust
You get the idea by now. E&I allow you to extend combos further than usual by dishing out quick bits of stun.
If you played 4 then you may be wondering where the Jealousy function went. The closest thing lớn Jealousy can be found in Gunslinger & it"s listed as Ivory Shot. Pressing the shoot input in Gunslinger will make Ivory fire a burst of three shots on both the ground và in the air.
Pressing Style on the ground will make Ebony shoot one devastating shot that has the potential khổng lồ juggle even the heaviest of enemies that are normally immune to lớn the effects of an ordinary gunshot. Ebony Shot will also hit & juggle twice if fired in Devil Trigger or if the shot is charged. Ebony shot is technically not usable in the air but the effects of a charged Ebony Shot can still be accessed through Rainstorm if you are DT"d or have charged Ebony.
As I mentioned before, Rainstorm no longer requires you khổng lồ jump cancel out of a move with momentum khổng lồ strafe around while shooting as it is now completely controllable even when executing the move from a neutral jump. Not only that, but if a move has momentum và you Rainstorm out of it without jump canceling, that momentum will actually carry over to lớn Rainstorm.
Dante"s latest version of Coyote - A
is by far the most complete of the bunch. It retains all of the features that were in DMC4, buffs them and even has some quality properties.
features a new move called "Cut-In" which is a grounded, controllable, 4-way dash & each direction ends in a Shotgun blast. Each of these dashes are cancelable before the Shotgun is fired and there is even a jump extension that is jump cancelable. Cut-In single handedly turns the Shotgun from just a tool made for damage và displacement into one of Dante"s strongest movement options on the ground.
Charged Shots were also changed on Coyote-A. Here"s a comparison between regular shots and Charged Shots
This seemingly minor detail actually has tons of potential and opens up new full bộ routes that are not possible with ordinary shotgun shots
The shotgun not knocking back at a distance may sounds like a strange change but it allows this thiết đặt to be seen much more frequently
Probably the most simplistic weapon in the Firearms category, Kalina Ann features a very straightforward movelist. No movement options on this one, just lots of different ways lớn fire rockets at your target & even some lasers. Every weapon tends lớn have the one tool that you know and want the weapon for & in Kalina Ann"s case, the move you"ll be interested in the most is Blaster.
Blaster is really the star of the show in KA"s movelist & it covers the area that Rainstorm used to lớn be good for before it was made slower. If you"re only using a single KA, Dante fires a single rocket straight down khổng lồ the ground that will launch enemies beneath him but using 2 KA"s allows you khổng lồ fire one rocket up and one rocket down. With gravity being as floaty as it is in 5, Dante can have a difficult time descending in this trò chơi even with all his new tools making a move lượt thích Blaster invaluable. Because of the kind of attacks that this weapon has, you"ll get more use out of KA"s movelist with DSD"s summoned swords.
An interesting little detail about using 2 KA"s is that by holding down the Gunslinger key/button, you"ll actually place down one of the rockets if you no longer want to lớn use it. This animation deals no damage and seems to lớn have no uses outside of temporarily discarding one of the two launchers.

If you"re anything lượt thích me, then the first time you used this weapon you were probably lost on what to vì chưng with this hat. Dr.Faust is that one weird weapon that has khổng lồ be in Dante"s arsenal. DMC3 had Nevan, DMC4 had Lucifer and now in 5 we were given a hat. Dr.Faust is a boomerang, a machine gun, a turret, a protective barrier, a fishing rod and can even send out a massive red orb meteor. It has it"s uses but they can be quite cumbersome to lớn apply anywhere outside of Void. The primary feature that you"d probably be interested in is it"s ability to lớn pull enemies towards you with Mad Hatter and Hat Trick. You should dispose of any assumptions you may have about how this pull functions because this pull is nothing lượt thích Nero"s Snatch ability.
The trajectory of the pull depends on where Dante is on the stage. There are 3 different kinds of pulls that you can use:
The horizontal pull
The vertical pull
The diagonal pull
DMC5"s launchers have this float that you may already be familiar with if you"ve played 4SE Vergil. These floats on launchers are the perfect opportunity for using Faust"s slower moves if you still use Rebellion or Sparda.
If you couldn"t already tell, Faust is very slow và without DSD you"re pretty limited in terms of where and when you can use Faust effectively. With that said, it"s not hopeless & there are ways to lớn make good use of its features.
While punching and kicking his way through hell isn"t a new concept for Dante, the way it was done with Balrog is completely new lớn the classic DMC games. Balrog is that expected phối of gauntlets & greaves that he"s had in most of the games but this time around, the movelist for them is separated into two stances.
Both stances have their own chất lượng features that are exclusive to those modes và switching between them is something you"ll be doing almost as often as you switch styles & weapons. However, unlike styles và weapons this is not something you can switch at any time & Dante will have to do an animation each time you switch (this is something that can be avoided in the air through jump canceling if you didn"t want the animation to lớn play). You"ll quickly realize that this is not the traditional punch/kick movelist that you may have expected out of this weapon and it is in fact something completely different that will take some getting used to. It personally took me quite a bit of time khổng lồ truly adjust khổng lồ this kind of separation of the moves even within the same stance. The difference here is that Balrog in punch mode no longer has a phối of pre made combos for you to dial in but instead each jab, hook, cross và uppercut has it"s own input for you to mix together however you like and the recovery on each of these moves can be canceled through the use of Welter Move (Welter will only cancel Punch Mode attacks & not
Kick Mode attacks).
Balrog"s second important mechanic besides stance switching is Ignition. If you played Reboot then you"ll already be familiar with this concept. Ignition is essentially Osiris Feed & there"s a meter you can charge that will affect the properties of Balrog"s moves for a limited amount of time. Fully charged Ignition will make the last hit of Feather combo ground bounce, & will also make Flint Wheel & Friction launch. Plus, when ignition is fully charged you gain access lớn two extra moves which are the classic Real Impact và a new move named Pyromania. Both of these moves resemble some of Ken"s supers from Street Fighter & they"re also used in similar ways in the sense that you build meter and gain access to a super move that đơn hàng lots of damage.
You"ll need lớn land ten punches total within a short period of time otherwise the meter will reset khổng lồ zero and you have khổng lồ start all over again.
This is a bit quicker but not as safe as it will leave you completely vulnerable and Heat Up won"t charge Ignition unless you sit through the whole animation. You only have a limited amount of time khổng lồ work with when Ignition is activated so use that time wisely.
Dante"s lost both Rebellion & Sparda after they fused together to size the Devil Sword Dante
which is an upgraded version of these two weapons. This weapon is one of the key elements that contributes to making Dante one of the deepest characters you"ll ever learn. The Devil Sword Dante or DSD for short has all the benefits of Rebellion & Sparda and comes with some bonuses that allows Dante to lớn play in ways that he could really only dream of by allowing him to lớn manipulate and displace enemies at any given time with Dante"s very own version of Summoned Swords. The idea behind using the Devil Sword Dante is that it gives Dante the ability lớn manipulate enemies whenever he wants. The DSD swords are available during any and I mean any animation that isn"t in SDT or Dance Macabre (DSD"s Dance Macabre only).
Similar to lớn Round Trip but what makes it better is that you can send this version of Round Trip out while performing other actions.
A multihitting move that stuns & keeps enemies in place. Not only can you individually control these 4 formations, but you can also charge DSD lớn activate 4 more formations that are quality to each style for two bars of Devil Trigger.
While it has no official term, I"ll describe this technique as a "DSDesync". Normally these formations will only appear right next to Dante when you input them but you have more control over them than you may think. Activating any of the primary sword formations while Dante is teleporting will force the swords to spawn form the position where Dante initiated the Air or Ground Trick. The reason this works is because Dante doesn"t actually move anywhere when he disappears during Trick.
As the DSD also adds tự động hóa Spectral Formations in the Sword Master style a supplementary guide has been created that chronicles the full move danh mục change here:
King Cerberus might look similar khổng lồ Cerberus from DMC3 but you"ll quickly realize that this isn"t the same weapon from before. DMC5"s version of Cerberus is more of a Swiss army knife than a set of nunchucks và it controls both electricity & fire alongside the ice that you know it for. King Cerberus separates the elemental moves by placing each element type on a different button or key: Melee = Ice
Style = Fire Melee or Style (Charge) = LightningCerberus stands out in Dante"s arsenal of Devil Arms because it"s the only one of the 4 that has no Aerial Rave & no traditional launcher that allows Dante to lớn rise up with the enemy. With 18 different moves & each of them having a purpose of their own scattered across 3 buttons, it"s easy khổng lồ get lost in the King Cerberus move menu so we"ll take a look at some of the key skills first.
Swing isn"t nearly as snappy as it used khổng lồ be in DMC3 và this is for a good reason because Swing is now your primary option in the air for charging Electric Moves. It"ll giảm giá khuyến mãi just enough stun và has just enough recovery to match the charge times for each electric move available.
Players from 4 will immediately understand why this move is useful. Revolver is Dante"s new "Splash" which was a move on Lucifer that would allow him to gain height. The difference now is that there are no pins to place và Dante will eventually start descending.
Cerberus full bộ C
Basically a buffed version of Dante"s Yamato combo A in DMC4.
The only launcher that Cerberus has. This version of Crystal can be used quite differently from DMC3"s Crystal since it has next to lớn no recovery và is another excellent way of charging electric moves.
is an odd weapon và there isn"t really any Devil Arm in DMC quite like it. There appears khổng lồ be some confusion about how Cavaliere"s Gear System works so I will attempt lớn explain what I"ve learned about the weapon the best that I can.
⦁It"s slow
⦁You can"t perform it"s built-in combos on whiff (meaning you must land the initial attack)⦁The speed và damage of it"s attacks are determined by your timing While slow, damaging & timing based weapons aren"t exactly new to DMC, the way in which Cavaliere goes about doing these things is unique and not exactly straight forward. It also doesn"t help that the in-game explainations of it"s features aren"t very clear on what they"re supposed khổng lồ be. The bộ vi xử lý core of this weapon is it"s "gears" & your timing dictates what gear you"ll be at which of course means the tốc độ of the bike & it"s attacks will change (including it"s damage).

There are 4 skills in Cavaliere"s moveset related lớn these gears and they are:
⦁Gear Wheel
⦁Low Gear⦁Top Gear⦁Overtop Gear
- Gear Wheel
This is the skill that makes Cavaliere work and is what allows you to lớn chain the weapon"s moves together and in any order while maintaining the speed & damage benefits of the different gears. The attack that you begin with must connect with an enemy"s hurtbox in order to follow up with another move.
The weakest of the three gears. Low gear is what you"ll get from mashing and mistiming attacks. All this means is that you"ve inputted the next attack in the sequence too early và because of this, the xe đạp will not go up another gear. This also means the attack will come out at the same speed and giảm giá khuyến mãi the same damage that it would if it were the first attack in your combo.
The second-fastest gear of the three. This is pretty simple khổng lồ understand, just đầu vào the next move in the full bộ as soon as you see the bike begin lớn flash blue when it"s covered in lightning.
The strongest & fastest of the three gears. You"ll know when your attack has reached Overtop Gear because Cavaliere"s wheels will begin lớn glow orange.These gears and their speeds can be maintained from move to move which allow you to lớn chain attacks at max tốc độ at all times with the correct timing. For example, you could perform Cross Line & connect it into the Overtop Gear version itself or you could successfully land Braking, wait for the correct timing & chain it straight into combo A in it"s Overtop Gear form. Basically, a majority of Cavaliere"s moves chain into themselves và sort of act as extensions of each other.
Keep in mind that if you play on PC and set your effects setting lớn low, the effect for the gears will be much more difficult lớn see. As a side note, Dante"s Super Costume forces every Cavaliere move to lớn come out in Overtop Gear regardless of your timing.
Building off of the system mentioned in previous section, bộ combo A done with the regular attack button and bộ combo B done with Swordmaster style button can be chained into each other into unique, Bayonetta style strings by alternating between the two buttons.For context, with Cavaliere"s first attack in full bộ A being a regular overhead swing with the saw, then the next attack is another swing with the other other saw, & then a spin with the saws on the ground. The Swordmaster combo B starts with a wheelie, then a backturned wheel attack, & then the bike spinning in circles. If after performing the first attack of combo A you press Swordmaster, instead of going into the first attack of full bộ B, you will go into the second attack of combo B, as the attack builds off of the full bộ started by the regular attack button. Naturally, pressing Attack again after Swordmaster will lead lớn Dante performing the final attack of combo A. You can mix and match the inputs provided by the two combos lớn perform chất lượng animations. This also applies khổng lồ the Air combo A and B
Performing an attack outside of the two combos, such as Cross Line, restarts the chain, allowing you khổng lồ go back into the first hit of any of the two combos without cancelling the string. Once again, the same applies khổng lồ the Air variations
A move that was once reserved for Lucifer is now bound lớn Dante"s air taunt và also becomes his lock on ground taunt when you"ve reached an S rank. The rose still works the way you expect it to lớn if you"re here from DMC4, it"s a small & quick launcher that đơn hàng minimal amount of damage and is excellent for extending air combos. Even with all the aerial launchers that Dante was given in 5, Ecstasy still proves to be a fantastic launcher you cannot overlook. Ecstasy is probably the best that it has ever been as it no longer gets stuck khổng lồ the ground when jump canceled & all recovery was removed from it letting you act out of it immediately. The rose being on taunt also means that it can be used at anytime regardless of your currently equipped weapon which is one of Dante"s greatest changes. The rose"s trajectory was also changed slightly so that Dante throws it out a bit lower than usual, allowing you lớn catch falling enemies with it easier. If you"re interested in some setups that utilize Ecstasy, take a look at Basics: Fundamental bộ combo Setups và try some of the combos that are listed there.

For those of you who played Devil May Cry 2 và have pressed the Devil Trigger button at the brink of death, you"ll know exactly what this is. Dante"s previously unexplored Majin form from 2 makes its return as "Sin Devil Trigger" after obtaining the Devil Sword Dante. Some of Majin"s original attacks are still here such as his old fireballs and a super move bound khổng lồ shoot + melee just lượt thích in DMC2, but several features were added to this version of Dante"s strongest Devil Trigger which make this form more applicable at all levels of play. In order to lớn activate Sin Devil Trigger, you must first build up meter in the red gauge lớn see between your health và normal Devil Trigger. There are a few ways to vì chưng this and some are better than others: Land Royal Releases
Take Damage
Use normal Devil Trigger meter to to charge up SDT meter by holding down the DT inputOnce you"ve built up enough meter, charge up SDT by holding Devil Trigger again và release once it"s fully charged.SDT, specifically the Quadruple S mechanic, has a lot of utility that is incredibly useful. The first, & most beneficial utility that SDT has is its ability to lớn cancel ANY move in the game, at any point in the animation, SDT completely ignores any IASA frames, both on the ground and in the air, which gives the player a ton of different ways to lớn manipulate moves & create interesting setups. You can instantly leave SDT by tapping devil trigger again however you have a small window in which you can vì this, roughly 3-5 seconds.
SDT really shines when its used in the air, when you activate SDT, it has a small AOE explosion which temporarily keeps an enemy suspended in the air, in the same fashion as a gunshot. The most useful moves khổng lồ chain into combos with SDT in the air are SDT Stinger, và The Ombra The first two attacks of the SDT melee full bộ can come in handy too. Its not just limited khổng lồ attacks though, there are some interesting movement options that SDT has that you can explore, its standard teleport is limited in use, but the SDT Dodge is very quick, và you can use it lớn circle an enemy in the air quickly khổng lồ reposition yourself. Some examples of these can be seen in the video clip below. One last thing to cảnh báo is that SDT"s forward and backward jumps from the ground are incredibly quick & can be good setups for a divekick.
The final noteworthy piece of tech that SDT has in vanilla is the ability khổng lồ cancel a jump by landing on a ledge, while you will be limited where & how you can use this, it may still come in handy. See some uses of this below
Styles, they"re what make Dante who he is in this genre of video clip games. They are also by far the more difficult obstacle lớn overcome when learning to lớn use Dante but you"ll be glad you did when you feel how satisfying it is khổng lồ seamlessly Trick-Sword your way through everything. Unlike DMC4, Dante only has 4 Styles that are switchable on the fly and they have been buffed & in some areas even nerfed slightly.
Trickster is all mobility consisting of teleports, dashes và even the ability lớn run up and push yourself off of enemies.
Swordmaster contains lots of different kinds of moves from mobility lớn aerial raves & it"s where you"ll find extra special moves for your Devil Arms.
Gunslinger is essentially a Swordmaster style for firearms. This style includes lots of fancy ways to use enemies as target practice.
Royal Guard is both a defensive và offensive style and it"s where you"ll find Dante"s only block. You"ll be using this for a lot more than just defense & it includes one of the most useful features for canceling moves.While each of these styles bởi have a theme behind them, that doesn"t mean that they don"t chia sẻ similar features. Trickster does have an omnidirectional dash but Swordmaster also gives Balrog a neat backflip that launches. Gunslinger also has it"s own khung of dashes which have built in shotgun shots that are featured on Coyote-A under the name Cut-In. So just because Trickster has dashes with invincibility frames doesn"t mean you shouldn"t be using your other dashes or rolls included with the other styles. Variety is key here.
When playing Nero you will notice that while the over of attack strings push enemies away, thats not really an issue since you can just pull enemies back lớn you, however with Dante, you vị not have that option, & the kết thúc of your strings will send enemies flying away requiring you khổng lồ close the distance with enemies again and putting an kết thúc to your combos. However, with his ability khổng lồ switch weapons, Dante can cancel his moves into each other before the final attack in the string that pushes the enemy way, thus never needing lớn close the gap again
In order to switch cancel, Perform an attack with any weapon, then in the middle of the attack"s animation, switch khổng lồ another weapon by pressing RT in mặc định controls and then performing any atatck, doing so will cancel the previous attack và allow you khổng lồ go into the next attack without finishing the previous string.Attacks of different types also cancel into each other, in this way, for example, attacks will cancel into directional attacks, normal attacks cancel into swordmaster attacks. Normal attacks from one weapon cancel into normal attacks from another weapon. The basic rule is that nothing can cancel itself, but you can perform other attacks to lớn cancel into them.

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Switch Cancelling is a fundamental of Dante"s toolkit, switching between weapons in the air và the ground while performing attacks and strings is the first step to building good looking, effective, & varied gameplay. It also serves as a way to lớn stop enemies from being knocked away at the end of strings và keeping them stunned.If you want lớn learn Dante, learning to lớn constantly switch cancel attacks is a fundamental skill khổng lồ learn

All of Dante"s main tools are still available lớn him lượt thích Helmet Breaker, Stinger, Full House (now known as Friction), and Revolver which replaced Lucifer"s "Splash". Each of these have a few unique quirks that separate them from their DMC4 counterparts but they can still be used for the same purposes.So what makes positioning & understanding your movement options important? Positioning is what determines whether or not a thiết đặt can or cannot work. Below I have listed the moves you"ll be using often for movement and also described what they"re good for. There are not the only skills for movement but they"re some of the more useful ones.
Helm Breaker
DMC5"s Helm Breaker is kind of different this time around because it will actually hit more than twice during it"s descent và the first hit will only stun, not knockdown. What this means is that you can make Dante descend while simultaneously juggling the enemy similar to lớn how you can rave then guard cancel in the air. You can of course still reverse Helm Breaker và hit the ground before your enemy does to thiết đặt for things lượt thích Backslide if you"re not using DSD (this detail about DSD only matter for the vanilla game which doesn"t have reversals). Friction The divekick is usually only for diagonal movement, but DMC5"s divekick got a massive buff which allows Friction to pull Dante down almost completely vertically. Not only is it almost fail safe, but because the hurtboxes are so large in this game, you can even use the divekick to lớn switch sides by divekicking underneath an enemy. Air Revolver Let"s say that you"ve launched an enemy và need to lớn elevate yourself. Revolver allows you lớn make that height adjustment if necessary và JC"ing Revolver into itself will allow you to lớn gain even more height. On the flip side, you can also use Revolver lớn make height adjustments when you need lớn lower yourself and close small distances as well by letting the animation play out for as long as you need it to. Stinger/Million Stab These two moves got some pretty heartbreaking nerfs. Normal Stinger won"t knockback nearly as far as it used to và the transition between Stinger & Million Stab is MUCH slower than it"s ever been meaning you won"t be reliably interrupting enemies that are winding up for attacks anymore through the use of Million Stab. Thankfully, it"s still just as useful for getting around but was also negatively affected by the recovery change to lớn Guard. There are some clunky workarounds for this change lớn make this once god tier mobility boss a move that"s still worth using. Rainstorm With Inertia being mostly gone, Dante finds himself in a strange spot having been so dependent on it in the air in DMC4. This leaves us with some weird alternatives for repositioning in the air but he"s still very capable of being di động just not lớn the same degree. This is where Rainstorm comes in. In DMC"s 2, 3 & 4, Rainstorm would keep you mostly still if you just jumped up và did Rainstorm but in 5, the move has become fully controllable in an attempt to compensate for the inability to control aerial momentum. Plus, the bullets not longer shoot straight down for quite a long time và Dante will instead begin the animation for Rainstorm with his arms stretched out horizontally and close in as the animation plays out. This will drastically change how you use Rainstorm and it"s without a doubt one of his đứng top 5 moves in the whole trò chơi in terms of how important they are.
Alongside all the returning moves, Dante"s got a new bag of tricks to lớn work with in DMC5 & they play a role that is almost equally as important as the skills mentioned above. Air Mustang
At first glance, Air Mustang seems lượt thích filler that most wouldn"t use but upon further inspection, you"ll find that this move is one of the few skills that grants you access khổng lồ some form of momentum that can carry over lớn other skills. This is the only skill you have lớn replicate something that even remotely resembles backwards momentum in the unmodded version of the game. Flint Wheel While the function of this move isn"t exactly new, I"ve placed it under "New Moves" because it can be used differently from Draw. This move will make Dante vì chưng a backwards cartwheel that hits multiple times and deals damage. In Ignition, this move will launch and with an activated DSD, it will automatically do High Times so that you don"t need Ignition khổng lồ launch. This move also has iframes. Welter Move A brand new move with iframes that acts as a sort of half side roll which allows you khổng lồ more precisely circle around an enemy that you"re facing. Having only half the distance of a side roll means you get khổng lồ make some micro adjustments that you otherwise couldn"t unless you were to lớn release lock on and use other moves like Kick Mode combo A to reposition (which is also totally viable).Cut-In A four-way set of rolls with a jump extension that can be jump canceled. Each Cut-In roll is jump, side roll, SDT, dash, Trick & guard cancelable with an added bonus which is that you can also Flint Wheel out of these rolls before Dante fires the shotgun. It"s no where near as precise as Welter Move but can be used lớn slide around the stage & can start or kết thúc combos at any range. Rock Back Dante uses Cerberus in it"s staff mode khổng lồ leap forwards and stun without knocking back. Because it can stun & cross under enemies at the same time, this makes Rock Back a very useful move that only becomes even more useful if you enable reversals on PC. Also useful for charging electric moves.
You may have heard this term floating around on the mạng internet a couple times in the past. Let"s take a quick look at what Guard Canceling actually is & then we"ll analyze its applications & why it"s also a bit worse in DMC5.
What is a Guard Cancel?
Guard Canceling is a simple as using "Block" in Royal Guard khổng lồ cancel the recovery of moves.What is a Guard Cancel used for?Guard Canceling has many different uses but one of the most common uses for the technique is cutting a move or combo short that normally ends with an attack that displaces the enemy. Here is an example with Million Stab:
If you"ve watched any Dante chơi game from the community in both DMC4 & DMC5 then you"ve seen this sequence before but you may not understand what makes it so important so let"s break it down. Million Stab closes the distance between you và your enemy while also dealing stun và eventually a knockback which creates another gap. However, Guard Canceling before the final hit allows you to close the distance and thiết đặt for a follow up attack without displacing your target
which opens up new possibilities & makes Million Stab one of the most important tools available in Dante"s kit. Here"s another slightly more basic example of how Guard Canceling can be used:
Now that you know what it does you should also know what makes it worse than it used lớn be. The reason is pretty simple và basically all that was done was that they"ve added recovery to the Guard animation. This may not sound lượt thích a lot, but it puts a significant tốc độ cap on Dante that you cannot avoid and it will affect him in both the air & on the ground. This recovery can still be jump canceled with Enemy Step in the air.
Jump Cancels are the bộ vi xử lý core of what makes DMC what it is. This is usually where I would say something lượt thích "This technique is exactly what it sounds like" but that"s technically not true. The "jump" part of jump cancel is actually referring to lớn a skill that you purchase at a Divinity Statue known as Enemy Step.
Jump Cancels are something that you"ll be using frequently & most of what is shown within this guide isn"t possible if you can"t Jump Cancel. A JC can cancel attacks & abilities early & using Enemy Step also resets all of your aerial abilities so that you can use them again
. An important rule lớn remember is that if there"s an enemy near or around your feet, you can jump off of it. Hurtboxes in 5 are colossal & JC"ing is much easier than it"s ever been.
This is not the only change that was made lớn Enemy Step and there are two more important changes that you need khổng lồ know
Enemy Step has uncancelable recovery for about 7 frames of it"s animation
Enemy Step no longer keeps the momentum of the moves you jump canceled
What this means is that Dante is overall much slower and received a pretty hefty nerf khổng lồ his mobility in the air.
1. Be in the air, and be close enough khổng lồ the enemy that you can Enemy Step off of them.2. Perform an attack of any kind in the air.3. Press the Jump button at any point during the attack animation khổng lồ cancel it. This will always work as long as you are close enough to lớn the enemy. The attack"s animation will be cancelled by Enemy Step, and Dante will jump off the enemy.4. Optional, but you will be doing this most of the time. Perform an kích hoạt right after cancelling the animation with Enemy Step. When performing Enemy Step, Dante will perform a little animation where he kicks off the enemy before rising in height, during that period, Dante remains at the same height. If you want lớn maintain your height when performing a Jump Cancel, you need khổng lồ perform your next attack as soon as possible after pressing Jump, otherwise, Dante will be too high, & the attack can miss.

Try out the JC"s listed below khổng lồ give you an idea of how this ability gets used and why it"s useful.
Listed in this chapter you"ll find videos of setups & each of them will get you learn something different and important about a particular concept of mechanic. Think of them as bộ combo trials và they range from easy lớn difficult.
High Time Prop Trick
This sequence is important for when you need height. It"s a classic you"ll want to lớn remember.
Prop Guard Prop
Another sequence for height but it"s also for getting you in the habit of guard canceling moves. Prop > Guard can be used to cài đặt for basically anything you want.
Here you have one of the most important things that you"ll ever learn. Sky Star is one of Dante"s best gap closers và JC"ing out of it is something you need to be able khổng lồ do.
A basic Rose thiết đặt that you"ve seen hundreds of times. Useful for when you need even more height in the air. Remember that because of how DMC5 counts your Trick uses, you"ll need lớn JC after the Trick if you want to lớn use another one.
Another rose thiết lập but this time you"re switching sides. Switching sides isn"t just useful for positioning & being able to lớn effortlessly switch sides mid bộ combo is something you"ll want khổng lồ learn khổng lồ avoid getting hit without interrupting your combos. This bộ combo is a good place lớn start.
Another side switch but this time with Rainstorm. This combo gives you an easy example for how to apply the controllable momentum on new Rainstorm.
Getting more complicated now. This bộ combo will show you an easy way for charging Cerberus electric moves in the air while juggling an enemy. Throws some weapon switching in there too.
While it isn"t the most technical bộ combo in the world, its something simple to get your hands in the habit of switching between stances. Some switching on the ground & in the air as well.
Get used khổng lồ this full bộ cause it"s important. There are quite a few ways of doing what this combo does but nothing does it quite as well as the shotgun. This combo is meant to lớn show you a simple way of displacing enemies with a simple follow up that"s easy khổng lồ land & even easier khổng lồ expand on with your own ideas.
Here"s a very
simple & short combo to give you a feel for what DSD can do.
The same beginning và ending but with a bit more in the middle. Introduces some positioning & movement for you to lớn use with summoned swords.
A simple introduction lớn the potential of SDT Canceling. This full bộ shows you khổng lồ charge through Crystal & also gives you an example of how khổng lồ use SDT in combos. You"ll notice however that I didn"t stay in SDT for long and that"s because pressing jump as you activate this khung will allow you to lớn cancel out of SDT almost instantly.
It"s only going khổng lồ keep getting harder & this full bộ will take you some time. 16 seconds of Style & Weapon switching with some Welter canceling thrown in there. This combo was made to lớn show you how lớn work around some of Dante"s recovery và also where khổng lồ use E&I.
Mustang is a returning move from DMC4 but it"s ended up becoming a vital part of Dante"s shiny new movelist now that he can also use it in the air. What makes Mustang important is that it essentially turns every enemy into a ramp or wall that you can push yourself off of.

So one takes up you & one brings you down. That sounds pretty straight forward but there"s more to lớn these two abilities than you may think. They"re both cancelable without needing lớn use Enemy Step & they play important roles in both air & ground movement.
But Mustang"s uses don"t end there. There is also something that is commonly referred khổng lồ as the "Mustang Glitch" và it looks like this:
There will be more on this specific setup in the Ground Trick section but for now, just remember that Trick will make this Mustang Glitch much more convenient to setup up on flat surfaces. The Mustang Glitch is a technique that takes advantage of Dante"s inability lớn land cancel moves và tricks the trò chơi into thinking that he"s already touched the ground when he clearly hasn"t. So what ends up happening is you get a normal ground Mustang but in the air & that Mustang also has forward momentum from the Sky Star! The Mustang glitch can địa chỉ cửa hàng some really fluid movement to your chơi game and it mixes together perfectly with the rest of Dante"s movement options.
Ground Trick was one of the new additions to Dante"s kit that caught me completely off guard the first time I saw it. When performed on the ground it teleports you closer khổng lồ the target you"re locked on to and in the air it can bring you closer and
pull you straight down lớn the ground no matter how high up you are. It"s the teleport that I never knew I wanted but we"ve got it now & it"s fantastic. This kind of tool for movement lets Dante vị quite a bit that he couldn"t before và it opens up a very useful thiết đặt for the previously mentioned Mustang Glitch. This is by far some of the most important and bizarre bits of tech that has been discovered in the last few months và it makes Ground Trick twice as useful as it was before we knew that Ground Trick could be jump canceled like this. So because Ground Trick can be used in the air, that also means that it can be jump canceled as it"s happening. Remember what I said earlier in the DSD section about Dante not actually moving anywhere when the teleport is animating? Well that quirk is what allows this move to be jump canceled và it has two variations with slightly different inputs.
Did you notice how much faster that was? With a JC, you"re able to lớn bypass Ground Trick"s lengthy recovery và skip straight khổng lồ the move you want.
Strange isn"t it? I can"t tell you for sure what causes this lớn happen but I"ll assume it has something to bởi with the animations that Dante does when holding lock on.I think that by now I don"t have to explain lớn you why canceling recovery is a useful thing but floating above the ground like that may leave you scratching your head. Being just above the ground like this is an interesting spot for Dante khổng lồ be in because it lets him vị things that would normally be very difficult khổng lồ time or nearly impossible to thiết đặt consistently without this float.
With this Ground Trick JC, we now have an additional method for consistently landing Mad Hatter with just Rebellion.
Not every weapon will make Dante float above the ground lượt thích this. For example, trying to JC out of Ground Trick into Firestorm on Balrog, you"ll actually only get Break Spiral instead. Experiment to see what works & what doesn"t.
There"s no getting around it easily, Multi Weapon Switching is tough và it"s gonna take you time to lớn get used khổng lồ switching between all your weapons. Even for me with as much time as I"ve spent playing the series, it took me 4 days khổng lồ fully adjust lớn adding Faust into my weapon set. The "Irregular Full Custom" nâng cấp allows you to change the order of your weapons khổng lồ whatever you like but there are still some arguably ideal weapon phối orders that you may want khổng lồ consider. Let"s just get something out of the way, having 7 weapons in your Devil Arms và 6 in your Firearms is not going to lớn work very well if you plan on switching between everything as quickly as possible even without the weapon switch limitation. Sure you can change the order to make it easier to do something with that many weapons but there will still be important techniques that you won"t have access khổng lồ as soon as you need it.
This is my personal mix of weapons. Identical to the DMC4 layout & works just as well as it used to. There isn"t too much lớn switch through & I have all the most important functions available khổng lồ me really close together. If you"re coming from DMC4, you may prefer using this loadout over anything else.
This loadout is Whirling"s_ and the most important detail here is not just the amount of weapons he uses but also the order. Rave > Divekick > Rave is an important combo that gets used often and it"s not really something that you"d want lớn be 3 switches away. This order of weapons turns sequence from Rave > Switch > Divekick > Switch 3x > Rave to lớn Rave > Switch 2x > Divekick > Switch 2x which is much easier to lớn manage.
Shotgun/Pistols/Rocket isn"t necessary lớn make Shotgun > JC > E&I gunshot possible but it certainly makes it easier since you"ll only have khổng lồ switch once.Everything you see in this guide was done with my loadout but experiment with the order lớn see what best suits you. Some players will even place Cerberus second và Balrog third. It"s mostly preference.
While variety isn"t really something that can be taught, this section and the ones that follow it will provide a couple of tips on how you can spice up your variety. There"s technically nothing wrong with repetition but I think we can all agree that variety creates interesting gameplay.
DMC is a strange game. If you wanted lớn just complete the game và kill everything, nothing is really stopping you from repeating the same moves endlessly aside from the style rank which is just a texture on the screen (if you don"t count Quadruple S). Sometimes I find myself becoming too repetitive as I play và to change that, I have remind myself that there"s a large portion of the movelist I am not utilizing. Become more familiar with the movelist & read through the skill menu if you have to, but make an attempt lớn use the skills you barely ever cảm ứng no matter how useless they may seem. There is always an option you aren"t using

If you start repeating moves or sequences too often that you"ve practiced in Void for hours, then what this means is that you"re beginning to lớn stagnate because nothing is forcing you lớn change. Forcing yourself into new situations or taking risks that you normally wouldn"t will help immensely with variety. Change the enemies you practice on, respond khổng lồ their attacks with unorthodox methods instead of jumping or Royal Releasing everything, use elevation to your advantage & learn how each move functions under the different conditions that the levels will place you in. A slight tilt on the floor can be the difference between an idea working & not working or in some cases even introduce you lớn a new variation of the same concept you never would have thought of. Try new levels you usually don"t play on to get new ideas & let the stages teach you.
What separates an experienced player from an inexperienced player isn"t just the amount of time he or she has spent playing the game but also the persons understanding of how the system works. So the better you understand the system, the more ideas that you"ll be able khổng lồ piece together in your mind even without touching the game. Improving your understanding of the system will also mean that you can create solutions to lớn the problems you encounter more easily. Just as an example, I"ll use Balrog"s Heat Up to lớn better illustrate the point that I am making. Normally, lớn stop this move from happening you would have to either release melee và stop charging or get hit out of it, right?
You can"t Guard Cancel it
You can"t jump out of it
You can"t act out of it immediately just by releasing melee
Sounds like the move leaves you stuck in recovery doesn"t it? But what if we just swap off of Balrog during the animation?
And just like that, you have a workaround và a cancel for one of the lengthiest animations in the game that is far more practical than SDT canceling it out of it every time. This isn"t something that I found on accident either. It"s not a ground breaking discovery for Balrog by any means but how I came across this method for canceling this move is what matters here. Using the process of elimination I was able lớn figure out which buttons allowed me khổng lồ regain control of Dante when this move happens & as a result, it can be found much more frequently in my chơi game because I no longer have lớn commit khổng lồ it when I use it.Here is another very similar example of what experimenting with the controls can achieve. Usually if you swing a sword in DMC5 & immediately try lớn side roll, you"ll end up getting a side step instead. What if you want to bởi vì High Time > Side Roll but you keep getting the side step?
Wait for Dante to lớn put the sword on his back again Jump then side roll after landing
Trickster Dash first và then roll
I could danh mục many more possibilities but I think you get the point by now which is that none of these are really *wrong* but all of these sound too slow or just very impractical for what we"re trying lớn accomplish here. The solution is to lớn switch to a weapon that doesn"t have a side step which is any weapon other than a sword. So the sequence then becomes High Time > Switch Weapon > Side Roll. The moral of the story is: Experiment with the mechanics the game gives you at all times
. Don"t stop pressing buttons just because Dante"s is in the middle of an animation. The chances are that there"s a way to lớn stop something from happening by doing something that you haven"t considered.
This is something that you"ll become better at the more you play và the better you understand what the game and character is capable of. Taking risks và recognizing opportunities when you see them is part of what can make game play flashy & interesting. Surely you"ve been in these situations before where you think lớn yourself "♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ that would have been cool" và believe me when I say you can get better at spotting those moments so you can start forcing them to lớn happen instead of waiting for them lớn just fall on your lap và not capitalize on them.
If you watch my inputs, you"ll notice that I actually didn"t get the move that I wanted và instead only got a regular Gun Stinger. After realizing that the Gun Stinger caused a wallbounce, I fired a gunshot to lớn give me time lớn teleport và land what may be one of the nicest freestyle clips I"ll get throughout this entire games lifespan. In this clip, I could have dodged this Fury any other way but instead I took the riskier approach and timed my Mustang khổng lồ get a close hotline that I have recorded forever.
Last example but this time with the reversals thủ thuật enabled. After seeing the Antenoras get friendly fired by the Judecca, I knew after seeing it so many times that they would rush all the way to the other side of the stage. So I just punched my way there & blocked the attack that wasn"t even meant for me.
Devil May Cry is the kind of game where there aren"t really any wrong answers and it"s as expressive as its going khổng lồ get. If an idea comes lớn mind when you see an opening for something clip-worthy then try it on the spot because Dante has the tools for you khổng lồ put that idea on the screen.
You"re probably wondering what I mean by "Thinking Beyond Lock On". DMC throws a lot of enemies at you và even though lock on allows you to prioritize just one target at a time, that doesn"t mean that ever other enemy on the screen has lớn be ignored while you"re targeting something. Picking one enemy out of a crowd & isolating it until it dies is perfectly fine, but you also have khổng lồ be aware of your surroundings.
This one with the Proto Angelo isn"t quite the same as the first đoạn phim but it"s important to lớn show because of how I used his placement on the stage. I fired the shotgun at the Nobody và because the Proto was directly beneath me, I jump canceled off of him và teleported back to lớn the Nobody even though the Proto was not the priority. If there"s an enemy on the screen, then there"s a stepping stone for you to make use of even if it"s not what you"re attacking.
DMC"s levels can be a bit large & sometimes will require you do do some platforming between fights. While you could just hold a direction & run through it all, use the abilities that Dante has to lớn navigate through the stage as a way khổng lồ practice using the movelist for movement. You may already even be doing this without even realizing it. Ever had to jump down a really deep pit and don"t feel lượt thích waiting to touch the ground? You could instead Helm Breaker or Ground Trick your way down instead. But why would you ever get through stages with moves when you could just run through them? Moving through rooms và getting through platforming using the skills in your movelist is a great way to train yourself to lớn better understand what everything does. This is a đoạn clip from one of my streams when I"m doing my usual và using moves lớn get khổng lồ the next fight.
The plan was originally just khổng lồ reverse a High Time và side flip but I screwed up on the Sky Star & did it too late but I still had plenty of moves left that could get me up to the ledge. There are a lot of attacks that bring you up slightly which let you adjust your height & here you saw a couple of them. When the Sky Star missed, I used Hat Trick on Faust for some extra height but that still wasn"t enough. Because I had already done so many moves in the air, anything else I did from that point would have put me a slightly too low so I needed something that would give me even more height & that"s where Air Trick came in. Now that I did the Air Trick, I Rave once khổng lồ bring myself a bit higher but even though I have the height but I didn"t cover enough distance to lớn land on the ledge. A single Swing from Cerberus moves Dante forwards just enough to put me where I want khổng lồ be.
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